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Program Components

BAMA Kids program components include after school tutoring, academic support, life skills, cultural arts, a comprehensive summer enrichment program, leadership development, youth and family advocacy, as well as parent education and engagement. 


BAMA Kids, Inc. believes that all youth, regardless of their station in life, deserve the same opportunity to grow and develop.  Since its inception, BAMA Kids, Inc. has made a concerted effort to provide its participants with skills needed to become productive citizens; while at the same time advocating for quality education and services. 


Through participation in BAMA Kids activities, youth gain social, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution and leadership skills, and information and support to maintain sound physical, emotional and mental health. They also gain competence and skills in areas of problem solving, critical thinking and reading skills.  Caring staff and mentors advocate for youth, serve as positive reinforcement and nurture the youth in this program. At the same time, parents of the participants acquire skills that serve to strengthen the family unit. BAMA Kids, Inc. focuses on the children and youth in the family, develops a relationship with them, which then facilitates a rapport with parents who would otherwise be difficult to reach.


BAMA Kids, Inc. attends to the whole child, and provides support to the family, the community and other broad linkages that are important to the child’s development and life- course pathways and trajectories.  BAMA Kids’ work is driven by an aspiration to improve the quality of life, not only for the target population, but for all of Wilcox County.  

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