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Our Mission


The mission of the organization is to improve the well-being - emotionally,  educationally and  physically, of youth by combining structured life skills, educational and recreational activities, developing and promoting leadership and involvement of youth and their parents, and by providing life skills to prevent substance abuse and other harmful activities. BAMA Kids, Inc. coordinates community resources to provide a comprehensive range of activities that serve as constructive alternatives to negative behavior. 

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Board of Directors

Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews




Jacqueline Hives

Activities Coordinator 

Jacqueline Hives.PNG

Alicia Foster

John Moton

Samantha Gomez

Ieshia Smith


Janice Robinson


Xavier Moseley


Tanika Noorwood


Marie Pettway

Ethel Johnson

Benard Bryant

Cynthia Ross

Earlene Arnold

Eddie Beverly

James Emerson

Naima Stone

Libba Crosswhite

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